NORD Drivesystems, a company that manufacturers drive technology for mechanical and electronic applications, uses our Sendix 5000/5020 incremental encoders for many of their motor-driven systems. Thanks to their rugged design features, these encoders can take on the kind of demanding applications NORD motors are often used for—from conveyors to overhead hoists.

To integrate the Sendix encoders into one of their motors, NORD engineers recently had to overcome several space-related design challenges. The encoder had to mount on the back of the motor underneath a protective fan shroud and, as a result, required a smaller mounting depth, as well as new cable outlet and termination solutions.

Here’s how Kuebler engineers overcame these challenges:

A Custom Solution For Limited Space. To meet the motor’s requirements, Kuebler engineers changed the location of the clamping ring, moving it from the front to the back for easier installation. They also developed a special tangential cable outlet, in which the cable—once it attaches to the encoder—comes out at an angle.

Engineers also needed to figure out how to terminate the cable where it exited the fan shroud. They decided to use a bulkhead connector, as it provided easier termination and cleaner installation of the cabling.

Thanks to these slight design modifications, engineers successfully mounted the encoder to the motor despite the limited space. The motor has since been used in a variety of demanding applications, including conveyors, packaging machines, overhead hoists and large industrial doors.

To learn more about our Sendix 5000/5020 encoders, download our latest case study.