A fully digital, bidirectional communication for absolute measurement systems, the BiSS interface is an open source protocol that offers high speed data rates up to 10 MHz––100 times faster than standard Fieldbus systems.




BiSS operates as part of motor feedback systems for linear and rotary axes. It’s ideal for applications requiring high acceleration, constant speed control and positioning accuracy, such as driver controllers, smart sensors and actuators.

BiSS offers a number of technical advantages, including:

  • Open source flexibility. BiSS is not proprietary, making it a flexible solution for a range of existing products. Inverters equipped with an RS422 and RS485 interface, for example, are compatible with BiSS via a simple extension and firmware update. BiSS also provides plug-and-play capabilities, leading to simple commissioning of the motor and inverter.
  • Cost-efficiency. Because the selection of components is not determined by a licensed interface, you can experience greater cost efficiency by choosing components that fit only the requirements of your application.
  • Real-time feedback. The external device integrates two sensors that are responsible for securing the transmission and generating position data. Thanks to condition monitoring capabilities, BiSS monitors the system and provides real-time feedback of both position and speed.
  • Safety. BiSS for safety-relevant applications (BiSS Safety) achieves SIL2 and SIL3 with the existing BiSS protocol and keeps all physical interfaces for both new and existing sensors.

BiSS can be easily integrated into your system with the assistance of Kuebler’s team of available experts. The BiSS Support Tool can also assist you in its implementation and includes the following components: Sendix 5873 Motor-Line (8.5873.HK3E.C323), BiSS-to-PC Adapter (USB), GUI Software for Windows PC, analysis board and adapter cables.

To learn more, visit www.kuebler.com/biss.