Construction machinery, cranes and other types of mobile equipment require encoders with a unique set of technical requirements. Not only must encoders be able to thrive in harsh environments, but they should also feature an energy-harvesting electronic design that enables them to operate reliably—even in the event of a power failure.

An example of an encoder that fits this bill is our new Sendix M36. Let’s take a look at how its combination of electrical and mechanical features suits the demanding world of mobile equipment:

Rugged Bearing Construction Withstands Heavy-Duty Applications

Despite its compact, 36-mm size, the Sendix M36 multiturn encoder is sturdily constructed for tough environments. Its proprietary Safety-Lock™ design includes interlocked bearings, strengthened outer bearings and large bearing size relative to the size of the encoder. Thanks to these bearings and flexible mounting technology, this encoder can also tolerate large shaft loads and installation errors resulting from temperature expansion or vibration—making it a versatile choice for a wide range of heavy equipment motors.

In addition, the encoder’s high IP66, IP67 or IP69k protection levels ensure reliable outdoor operation even in the presence of dust or condensation. The Sendix M36 also resists high heat, which—when combined with high rotational speeds—makes it suitable for demanding, high-temperature environments up to 85°C.

Energy-Harvesting Tech Improves Encoder Reliability

Not only is the Sendix M36 ruggedly constructed; it is also efficient. For one, it integrates our unique Energy Harvesting Technology, which ensures the absolute position of the encoder will be stored even in the event of a power failure. The rotating magnetic field generates energy—eliminating the need for gears and batteries. In addition to enhancing the encoder’s compactness, longevity and reliability in the field, this energy-harvesting design is more cost-effective. Having less components also improves its magnetic insensitivity.

M36 encoders are available in variants that support various electrical interfaces, including programmable analog for greater versatility. Also in development for this series is a version that supports J1939, which is rapidly gaining traction in the transportation sector and enables real-time, closed-loop control functions between vehicle components in off-highway equipment.

To learn more about the Sendix M36 family of multiturn encoders, visit our product page.