Shaft copying systems typically rely on contactless magnetic or optical measuring technologies to detect elevator car position. But while the installation process for many of these systems is long and complex, installing our shaft copying system takes only a few minutes.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

Traditional Systems Rely On Sharp-edged, Fragile Code Tapes

Most absolute shaft copying systems feature magnetic or reflective light technology:

  • Magnetic systems include sensors that mount on the elevator car and read the magnetic tape mounted in the shaft.
  • Reflective light systems also utilize sensors and feature stainless-steel bands with a data-matrix code.

Both systems often require a long time to adjust the sensors to the bands, which have very sharp edges—making them dangerous to mount especially if you aren’t wearing gloves. These bands, particularly the code tapes in reflective light systems, are also fragile. Dropping them could easily damage the encoded data, leading to potentially dangerous and life-threatening conditions once installed.

These systems also require additional sensors and magnetic switches to work properly, driving up your overall costs, installation time and maintenance demands.

New Shaft Copying System Features Easy, Safe Installation

Our shaft copying system makes things easier. It comes with a mounting set consisting of two fastening angles, rolled-up stainless-steel tape and a spring element that applies pre-tension to the tape in the shaft pit. Simply mount the fastening angles directly on the elevator rail in the areas of the shaft head and pit. Next, suspend the encoded, stainless-steel tape at the shaft head via a simple snap hook, and then fasten it with the spring element in the shaft pit. Finally, lead the tape through the entirety of the sensor housing to ensure high reliability and functionality.

While other measurement systems feature fragile, sharp-edged bands and code tapes, our stainless-steel tape forgives any scratches or kinks during installation. It also features rounded edges for safe handling, making gloves optional.

To learn more about our shaft copying system, download our latest white paper.

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