If your motor or drive operates in a harsh environment, you might want to consider using a ruggedized encoder. That’s where the A02H comes in. This hollow shaft incremental encoder features a tough and compact design, making it ideal for industrial motor applications in factories, steel mills and more.

Heavy Duty Design. To take on the toughest environments, the A02H incorporates several ruggedized mechanical design features, including more robust bearings and a high resistance to shock and vibration. These features allow the encoders to withstand 200 and 100 N loads in the radial and axial directions, respectively.


Other heavy-duty features include:

  • Special shaft connection with interlocked bearings
  • Balanced, stainless-steel clamping ring
  • Maximum speed of 6,000 rpm
  • Wide working temperature range of -40 to +80°C
  • Environmental rating of IP-65

Compact And Versatile. With an installation depth of only 49 mm, the A02H comes in a variety of frame sizes, physical mountings, shaft sizes and isolation inserts that protect the encoder from shaft currents. To further extend the encoder’s service life, protective covers are also available for applications that are exposed to high levels of pollution.

The A02H offers options for M23, M12 or MIL cable connections, as well as Push-Pull, RS422 or SinCos interface. For ease of installation, it is also capable of drop-in replacement with legacy encoders.

To learn more about the A02H family of hollow shaft incremental encoders, visit the A02H product page.