When it comes to elevators and safety, you can’t take any chances. Not only must elevators adhere to rigorous safety standards for passengers, installers and technicians, but they must also be able to arrive accurately at desired floors—achieving long-term reliability even after continuous use. The key technology that meets these demands is the shaft copying system, which traditionally relies on contactless magnetic or optical measuring technologies to detect elevator car position. But many of these systems have significant drawbacks, including difficult and complex installation requirements.

Let’s explore a new contactless linear measurement technology that not only advances the safety and accuracy requirements of the elevator industry, but also provides easy, safe and cost-effective installation.

The Challenges With Traditional Shaft Copying Systems

Most absolute shaft copying systems rely on magnetic or reflective light technology. Magnetic systems include sensors that mount on the elevator car and read the magnetic tape mounted in the shaft. Reflective light systems also utilize sensors and typically feature stainless-steel bands with a data-matrix code. Although both types of systems seem quick and easy to install, nothing could be further from the truth.

For one, installers often have to spend a long time adjusting the sensors to the bands, which typically have very sharp edges—making them incredibly dangerous to mount especially if the installer isn’t wearing gloves. These bands, particularly the code tapes found in reflective light systems, are also fragile. Dropping them could easily damage the encoded data, leading to potentially dangerous conditions once installed.

New Shaft Copying System Provides Absolute Contact Measurement

Kuebler’s absolute shaft copying system avoids the installation pitfalls of existing magnetic and optical technologies. Featuring transmitted light technology, our contactless linear measuring system mounts directly on the elevator car—ensuring permanent and slip-free positional measurement, as well as accurate transport to desired floors. Its benefits include:

Compact housing. The system, with dimensions of only 135 x 45 x 33 mm, is the most compact—and therefore versatile—absolute shaft copying system currently on the market. You can use it in tight installation spaces, as well as elevator retrofits, upgrades or new installations.

Easy, safe installation. Installing our shaft copying system takes only a few minutes. The system comes with a mounting set consisting of two fastening angles, rolled-up stainless-steel tape and a spring element that applies pre-tension to the tape in the shaft pit. Unlike other measurement systems, which feature fragile, sharp-edged bands and code tapes, our stainless-steel tape forgives any scratches or kinks during installation and features rounded edges for safe handling. In fact, installers don’t even have to wear gloves.

Cost-effectiveness. Because our shaft copying system mounts directly on the elevator car, it eliminates the need for additional sensors and magnetic switches. Having less components reduces overall system costs, as well as installation time and complexity.

To learn more about Kuebler’s absolute shaft copying system, watch our latest video.